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CI Guidlines

Daimler Art Contemporary is an art gallery centrally located in Berlin. It represents a broad retrospective of classical modernism, abstract, minimalism, informal, figurative painting, and avant-garde art. The gallery owns a vast collection of 3,000 works by 650 international artists.

The brands’ main goal is to build up an art collection related to minimalist tendencies in international contemporary art and making them accessible through guided tours, publications, the internet, etc. Commitment to art is an integral part of the company’s social and cultural profile. They support “Young”

Art - contemporary artists worldwide, which is an essential policy of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our mission was to rebrand Daimler Art Contemporary. Despite the central location and a vast collection of influential artists, it is physically hidden and lacking engagement on social media platforms. We believe that with bold and interactive design decisions, we can have closer and clearer communication with the DAC visitors.

Teona Kokhodze, Aicha Traore and Léo Rey.

Logo assistance, Salomé Wagner.

Identity System's seminar / Professor: Emily Smith

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