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False Awakening

Photographic Series (Personal Project)

The borderline is not always clear between reality and the dream. There are transitional states from sleeping and awakening. It is complicated to test by questioning if someone is awake or asleep.

 Are you sleeping? May count as a gauge of waking, but no reply does not differentiate between legitimate and pretended sleep. A false awakening is a stage when the dreamer believes is awake but realizes he/she is dreaming. Are dreams a combination of our daily circumstances, experiences, or illusions while sleeping? Could be. 

My Photo series reflect a transition between fantasy and reality. The everyday objects, characters as a received view occurred in my sleep. Somehow it was not clear whether I was awake or asleep; the objects had layers within the layers; the characters face within the faces. It was a monochrome" virtual space," which I saw but could not touch.

All I perceived was a dream within the dream where I was awake.

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