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Japanese Modernism

Series of Posters

Japanese Modernism - After the second war, II was the assignment in the design foundation class. 

I had to come up with a design idea for a series of posters. Since then the topic was too broad and diverse, I narrowed it down, choose one direction, which was Fine Art from this period, in particular works of On Kawara, Mono-ha, Yukie Ishikawa. 

After the research, I discovered a book written by Karlyn de Jongh, who writes about his journey into unanswered questions about On Kawara. He contacted to different galleries to send them a question they would ask to On Kawara. These Questions became my inspiration for the posters.

I tried out different approaches, colorful, funky, collage, enlarged typography, and very minimalistic, clean design. Also, incorporated the Japanese language into the posters to give more feel of Japanese culture itself. 

The layouts are an assemblage of different image sources. Some of them are made in digital and some in analog. 

Professor: Emily Smith

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