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Art Book

The Semester Task in Editorial Design Class was to create a visual concept creation of the book or a magazine based on the content we would like to work on.

I choose Oulipo. Oulipo is a mixture of literature and math; it is experimental poetry and constrains different layers. 

Since Oulipo is a combination of layers, I decided to translate the same concept for the pages. I envisioned it to be an art object. The pages are individual objects that have no particular order. The reader has the freedom to choose any ranking he/she likes.

The eggshell color paper slides into the transparent postcard. The reader can see a bit of the text from outside. After sliding, the whole text is visible. The book is an exploration of the creative effects of applying stylistic and grammatical constraints.


Professor: Cyrus Khazaeli

The box is A5 size, a simple black. The cover includes the handprinted and cut letters.
The collages are the illustrations of content. Each of them is handmade and unique.

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