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Series of Posters

The goal of the assignment was to create a series of A3 posters on boarders. Since the topic was so broad, I decided to narrow it down and relate it to my origin as a foreigner living in a foreign country. 


What is my identity? How can I be integrated into society without losing my identity? How is it that a new country becomes a new home and the birthplace becomes a touristic shelter? Is the future uncertain? 

For the visual translation, I decided to use the Georgian alphabet, which has a particular visual code, as my mother language is Georgian. I integrated my fingerprints that are also connected to the identity itself. The quote I used from Georgian philosopher, Merab Mamardashvili, is a message that conceptually connects three of my posters.

“In order to have a common sense, there must be darkness, that forces the ability of thinking.”

Professor: Emily Smith

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