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Ping - Pong

Series of Typographic Posters / Process Book

Ping Pong was a collaborative project in Typography Class. We had to work in teams and create a series of posters using black and white. In terms of content, we had to choose one of the designers on the list provided by the professor. Our decision was Katherine Zask, a very influential designer. The next step was to work individually and design our dialogue. 

After the discussion with my partner, I decided to collect the essential words or phrases we used in communicating with each other such as "Visual Existence." 

The dialogue with my partner was very interesting and sometimes dynamic, sometimes slow. I decided to translate this certain speed and ambient into motion posters.

The process documentation below visually reflects how I came up with the final design decision. It covers my explorations, thinking process, and development of the idea. 

Professor: Daniel Bastian

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