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Virtual BA/MA Exhibition 

Since the Rundgänge cannot take place physically at the campuses, as usual, the Faculty of Art & Design has coordinated all its efforts to bring the new Digital Publishing Platform to life, to present the final work in the winter of 2021.

Our task, my colleague from Design Team, Amit Heyman, and I had to develop an interactive digital space for graduate works.

Before we started working on a project, we came up with research questions related to the current situation. What is the core feeling we, as museum visitors, are lacking? Do we even remember when we went to the exhibition and got lost among the multi-facade works covering the museum walls?

Our goal was to create an interactive, up-to-date, and playful atmosphere.

The isometric mazes visualize the concept of getting lost. Each maze is a different size, according to the student’s number, and they use a color-coded system indicating the Art and Design study departments existing at UE.

The interactive bubbles are located in the labyrinths, and while hovering on them, visitors can see the artwork and a brief introduction of the project.


Project Realization

Project Management: Rana Öztürk
Design & structure: Evelyn Solinski
Technical implementation: Steffen Klaue, Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp
Editing: Thorsten Geyer, Dr. Valerie Riepe

Design & Key Image
Amit Heyman
Teona Kokhodze

Dennis Josek
Alexander Morozov

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